Experts in Algorithmic Trading

Technology for algorithmic trading • Quantitative and fundamental market research • Trading platforms • Software development • Corporate educational programs 


Consulting services on running a private or an institutional algorithmic trading business.


Ready made algorithmic trading strategies for cash currencies (forex) and futures markets.


Trading platforms for algorithmic trading, trading signals broadcasting, front and back office.


Corporate educational and training programs for traders, strategy developers and money managers.


Custom market research, quantitative models for developed and emerging markets, quantamental analysis.


We work in all major global markets and have global presence in Europe and MENA region.

Research and Consulting

Do you want to expand your portfolio with approved algo models?

Do you want to research new opportunities for your trading business?

We offer the full range of consulting services for high net worth individuals, private active traders, investors and institutions:

  • Optimization of portfolio using proprietary algorithmic trading solutions
  • Advanced risk diversification using quantitative modeling 
  • Sophisticated hedging strategies
  • Introductory services and assistance with opening trading account with prime brokers

In addition we provide custom research for clients interested in developing new quantitative trading models for particular markets:

  • Analysis of investment and speculative opportunities
  • Development of custom quantitative trading models
  • Risk management and money management


Software and Technologies

Software development and technological solutions are provided under a brand of Edgesense Technologies.

We have developed our proprietary module-based trading platform which can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any trading venue, brokerage and end client with existing back- and front-office infrastructure.

  • Java-based, easy to deploy and very low resource-consuming
  • Implemented backends to Interactive Brokers, Rithmic, LMAX and PrimeXM.
  • Easy connectivity with any public API or via FIX
  • Lightweight: possible to run a number of instances of the platform concurrently on the same server
  • Simple integration with trading algorithms for 100% automated trading
  • Easily and flexibly configured to support any sophisticated structure of trading venues, brokerages and client accounts
  • Advanced operational risk management with a developed alarm system

We are also ready to customize our platform according to the client specification or work together in an Agile development environment to optimize the development time even for large scale projects while meeting the highest quality standards.

Educational programs

Corporate and individual training in market research, algo trading and trading software development.

We offer comprehensive educational programs for individual traders and money mangers as well as corporate training programs. Our main educational course covers all steps essential for successful algorithmic strategies development:

  1. Market structure and underlying processes: identifying true price drivers.
  2. Available sources of information about markets and their structure, and their systematisation.
  3. Making conclusions from the collected information and identifying tradable opportunities.
  4. Trading strategies: creating algorithms using formal descriptions of those newly found tradable opportunities. A number of sample fully working strategies are considered in details.
  5. Backtesting from technical and statistical point of view. Understanding requirements to the strategy properties which ensure a reliable (realistic) result of backtesting.
  6. Optimisation: applicable cases and limitations of applicability.  Avoiding over-optimisation (curve fitting).
  7. Risk diversification: using multiple markets and multiple strategies in one market to better diversify risk.
  8. Genetic algorithm and its application to semi-automatic generation of robust highly diversified portfolios.
  9. Assessing the robustness of trading strategies and portfolios, making reliable prognosis about the strategy’s future performance depending on various market regimes.
  10. Automated trading: important features and typical issues, assessing and managing operational risks.

We also organize online and offline special courses for software developers in trading software design: trading applications in Java, Python and C#, FIX protocol, connectivity, data handling, order management, error processing and other important topics are included.

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